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As a director, producer and editor, Vance Null has worked on over 30 feature films around the world - from LA to Cape Town to Shanghai.  In addition to movies, Vance has spearheaded dozens of marketing projects, including trailers, teasers, promos and more.

After graduating high school and moving from his hometown of Phoenix in pursuit of a film career in Los Angeles, Vance first worked his way up as an intern for a post production house.  The experience granted him a well-rounded knowledge of the whole

post process, which led him to editing dozens of films, trailers and more.  In 2014 he edited the 5th most profitable movie of all time based on ROI, the box office hit "God's Not Dead" starring Kevin Sorbo.

Over the course of several projects, Vance became fluent in more than just editing; sound design, color correction, visual effects, music selection -- all of these were tools he hoped to master in order to deliver the best cut possible.  Although post production was his forte, Vance equally enjoyed the production side as well, and soon expanded to producing and directing. 

In 2015 he went freelance and now enjoys traveling the world, collaborating with others who have a passion for telling stories.  He bounces between the US and Asia, working primarily as a director, producer and/or editor on feature films, trailers and marketing materials.

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